Sweden has now arranged all 6 workshops within the BUILD UPON project!

Sweden Green Building Council are happy to announce that we have now arranged all six of our workshops within the BUILD UPON project! Together with EEF, we have gathered around 220 participants from different sectors and parts of the country to battle some of the barriers for deep renovation of multi-family buildings. The first four workshops focused on 1) how to involve and communicate with the residents and 2) how to make deep renovations profitable. The fifth workshop focused on certification for deep renovation of multi-family buildings. The goal was to learn from the existing certification systems and consider other factors for designing an optimal certification system for this purpose. The sixth and last workshop focused on multiple beneftis from deep renovation with the aim to identify and rank these benefits based on relevance and impact. The aim was also to formulate recommendations of measures needed to incorporate the most important benefits in the decision making process.

We are really satisfied for the high level of interest and engagement from all participants and thankful for the valuable feedback we have recieved from the workshops!

Read more in our workshop reports and summaries at the bottom of this page: https://buildupon2.eu/dialogue/countries/sweden/

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