The Stakeholders

Who needs to be involved?

From governments and businesses, to NGOs and householders, everyone has a stake in ensuring our buildings use less energy.

Creating better buildings will involve all these stakeholders and many more, working in BUILD UPON’s collaborative community.

Stakeholder Stories

Local Government
Janis Dripe,Latvian Ministry of Culture,RISEBA University (Latvia)

On how the implementation of the renovation strategies must not compromise cultural heritage.

Central Government
Kevin O’ Rourke, Marchena Management Services (Ireland)

On the critical role of government in enabling policy that drives the renovation market.

Energy Sector
Marco Marijewcz, E.ON (UK)

On why the key challenge is dealing with fragmentation

Central Government
Anders Sjelvgren, Boverket (Sweden)

On why the key challenge is finding solutions for low income areas

Stakeholder Maps

Each and every stakeholder has a unique role to play, regardless of how large or small. These maps help us identify which organisations need to work together to deliver ambitious renovation strategies. We’ll also use them at our events to help reflect on different perspectives and enhance common understanding.



Understanding the maps

Watch the video to understand why we are using Kumu to help us map the full building renovation stakeholder system.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the maps is to serve as a useful instrument to support a complex dialogue process. The intention of BUILD UPON in developing them must be understood as positive and aimed at supporting collaboration. At this BETA stage, the possibility of incompleteness, inaccuracy or improper representation of stakeholders is not intended, but is acknowledged by the BUILD UPON team. We consider wide stakeholder engagement with them as key to their ongoing improvement and an intrinsic part of the BUILD UPON dialogue process, and would be pleased to receive your comments and suggestions.  In particular, any stakeholders that consider their organisation to be improperly represented in this early stage of the mapping are encouraged to engage fully so the project can better understand the role they are playing in the national renovation strategy challenge.

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