Collaboration – the key to unlocking the renovation potential!

At COP21, attendees of ‘Building’s Day’ recognised that, to stay within the 2-degree limit, the buildings sector must decrease emissions by 84 gigatonnes by 2050. Notwithstanding the critical role of buildings in mitigating against climate change, we at the World Green Building Council have long recognised the importance of renovating buildings, not only in terms of energy and climate policy, but the various economic and societal benefits such as reduced fuel poverty, improved health and better productivity.

However, traditional, piece-meal policy making is not enough to overcome the challenge. It is only by aligning our work and building relationships with each other that the opportunity presented by green buildings can be realised. We can no longer work in silos – all stakeholders, across countries and sectors, need to work together towards a common vision. A co-ordinated approach isn’t just desirable, it is necessary.

This is why are so excited about the work we are doing with BUILD UPON, the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation. Since the project launched this March, we have engaged a cross-sector coalition of over 920 stakeholders across 20 countries. Over 750 renovations and retrofit initiatives have already been added to the “RenoWiki”, our tool for the national renovation strategy community that helps stakeholder stay up to date and coordinate all the important initiatives out there.

We believe that this bottom-up, collaborative approach is critical in demonstrating how different sectors value sustainable buildings. We already know that there are thousands of major initiatives tackling awareness raising, skills, finance and policy barriers across the Member States. It’s not that we don’t have all the component pieces – it’s about how we work together to steer them in the right direction.

That is what we are hoping to do when we bring together over 200 renovation leaders at a “Leaders’ Summit” on the 20th -21st September in Madrid. At the Summit, we will look at how stakeholders can commit to coordinated national implementation strategies that focus on outcomes to support a stronger long-term vision that has meaningful impact.

We are very excited about this approach to tackling the retrofit problem – to find out more about the summit, please head over to our dedicated event page . This is just the beginning of an exciting new approach to overcoming the retrofit challenge. Watch this space…


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