Renovation Strategies Get a Boost as MEPs Vote for Stronger Ambition

 On 12 October, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in the Industry and Energy Committee (ITRE) voted to adopt the BENDSTEN report on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), providing Parliament with a strengthened position ahead of negotiating talks with the European Council on the final version of the EPBD. ITRE’s adoption of the...Read More

BUILD UPON Cited in Forbes as Example of Large-Scale Transformation

A recent Forbes article on “Four Major Success Factors In Large-Scale Transformation” cites the BUILD UPON project as an example of large-scale transformation, alongside examples of disruptive platform businesses such as Airbnb and Uber, as well as the current shift from diesel to electric car engines. “It’s fantastic that the international business community is actively looking...Read More

After BUILD UPON, Green Building Councils want a Stronger Vision for Renovation in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Last month, Energy Ministers across Europe agreed their general approach for the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Sadly, the position of Council weakens the directive and puts the EU at risk of falling short of the commitments agreed under the Paris Agreement. In May, Green Building Councils, buoyed by the success...Read More

25 Italian businesses support BUILD UPON Common Vision

On the 26th of April the press release of the World GBC ‘s European Regional Network announced that a coalition of 300 business in Europe supported the BUILD UPON’s Common Vision that urges the need of defining ambitious renovation strategies by Member States of the European Union. The intervention comes as EU member states near...Read More

Europe Must Curb Emissions from Buildings, Urges BUILD UPON Coalition of 300 Businesses

  Europe must lead the world on cutting greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings if we are to meet the ambition of the Paris Agreement, a coalition of over 300 businesses and organisations from across the continent urged today. The coalition – which includes cities, public authorities, property developers, manufacturers and energy utilities, as well...Read More

Presenting BuildUpon at members meeting in Lund, together with the renovation project CITyFIED

Linnea Olsson, from Sweden Green Building Council, presented the results from BuildUpon at a membership meeting for the regional network in southern Sweden. The background and purpose of the project was presented together with a summary of the conclusions and recommendations from the Swedish part of the project. The European renovation project CITyFIED was also...Read More

Build Upon recommendations for Finland

Green Building Council Finland organised 6 workshops during year 2016 as part of the Build Upon project. In Finland, the workshop themes reflected the national barriers in energy efficiency and deep renovation of the existing building stock. The themes were: national big picture, energy efficiency in facilities, apartment buildings, market creation, challenges for municipalities and how to...Read More

The Italian BUILD UPON’s dialog process came to its closing event!

On the February 15 and 16, 2017 ended the Italian national path of BUILD UPON dialogue project financed by H2020 Framework Programme. The workshop on February 15, held at Legambiente in Rome, addressed the issue of the formulation of a policy framework on a national scale. In this last workshop in Rome the participants tried...Read More

Sweden has completed all workshop reports in the BUILD UPON project

You can now download all Swedish workshop reports here: The English summaries can be found in the “report box” next to the news box, at the bottom of this page: DialogueRead More

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