Financial & Economic Innovation

The financial and economic conditions to sustain and grow demand for deep renovation need to be present. From innovative financing mechanisms for renovation to ‘green mortgages’, from tax incentives to subsidy schemes. Many organisations are now working on these issues to help drive the market.

What's going on in this space?

The RenoWiki contains nearly 200 financial and economic initiatives in the energy efficient renovation space. Take a look to familiarize yourself with what’s going on, and don’t forget to add any other initiatives you’re aware of.

Who are the innovators?


Total methodology combines economic profitability and energy efficiency in an overall project. The starting point is the property owner's return on investment (IRR) and a careful analysis of the property, to obtain all the energy saving measures that are possible to implement. With the help of calculation software Total Tool takes you then submit a proposal on the package of measures which meets the property owner's profitability requirements.Read More

Investor Confidence Project Europe

The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe is enabling a market for Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects by reducing transaction costs and engineering overhead for building renovation projects, while increasing the reliability and consistency of savings. ICP takes the variability out of the process by leveraging best practices for each phase of an energy retrofit and credentialing projects through third-party review.Read More


The LENDERS project is demonstrating that more accurate fuel cost estimates can be used in mortgage lending decisions that results in lower energy homes being responsibly allowed larger mortgages. The LENDERS project looks to improve the accuracy of the estimated fuel costs that mortgage companies use when calculating the monthly loan repayments that a homeowner can afford to repay.Read More