Awareness Raising Innovation

Awareness is the first thing you need to make a market. Ultimately all members of the public, politicians, businesses and construction sector workers need to be aware of the value of deep renovation. That’s a pretty big goal, but the good news is lots of organisations are active in raising that awareness.

What's going on in this space?

The RenoWiki contains over 100 awareness raising initiatives in the energy efficient renovation space. Take a look to familiarize yourself with what’s going on and the impact it’s having, and don’t forget to add any other initiatives you’re aware of.

Who are the innovators?

Renovate Europe

The Renovate Europe Campaign is the only EU-wide campaign that focuses exclusively on ambitious renovation of the building stock in the EU and is the voice that ‘bangs the drum’ for energy efficient renovations, taking a technology neutral, integrated and holistic approach to energy efficient renovations.Read More

Let's Live Warmer

The campaign “Let’s Live Warmer” is a communications campaign developed by the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia to promote energy efficiency of buildings in Latvia and raise awareness about the availability of European Union funding for energy-efficiency measures for multi-apartment buildings.Read More


Cinergía is a Spanish awareness campaign in which well known directors and actors employ humour to examine the ways we view energy efficiency in our lives.Read More