Workshop 6. Multiple benefits of deep renovation

Date: 07.02.2017

City: Fastighetsägarna Stockholm, Alströmergatan 14 (Fridhemsplan)

Key topic: How can multiple benefits be used to motivate deep renovation?

Description: On February the 7th, Sweden Green Building Council(SGBC) and Energieffektiviseringsföretagen(EEF) are arranging a workshop in Stockholm about the multiple benefits from deep renovation. Energy efficient renovation of multifamily residences is much-needed in Sweden and the government has decided to provide financial support for retrofitting. But how do we motivate people to make energy efficiency measures while renovating multifamily buildings? We know that deep renovation can contribute to many multiple benefits, but we want to examine which benefits that are relevant for multi family buildings and how these can be incorporated in the descision making process.

The morning session starts with a workshop of identifying benefits that deep renovation of multifamily buildings can contribute to. After a few insperational presentations the workshop continues with further amendments and completions. After lunch the multiple benefits are ranked individually based on relevance and impact and then we work together to formulate necessary measures to incorporate the most important benefits in the decision making process.

Key expected outcomes:
Identify multiple benefits of deep renovation, rank these benefits based on relevance and impact and formulate measures needed to incorporate the most important benefits in the decision making process.

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