Workshop 1. Renovation Revolution of Multi-family buildings – Rental apartments

Date: 16.06.2016

Venue: Stockholm – Lundqvist & Lindqvist (Klarabergsviadukten 90)

Key topic: How can we finance energy efficient renovations and how do we gain tenants’ support?

Description: Energy efficient renovation of multi-family residential buildings is much needed in Sweden and the government has decided to give financial subsidies for reconstructions. However, there are still many question on how to carry out these renovations in the best way. How can we reduce energy usage, make tenants satisfied and make these renovations profitable at the same time?

Sweden has been a part of the BuildUpon project for more than a year and local experts have identified the most critical obstacles which often prevent energy efficient renovation from taking place. The two most common obstacles are 1) no demand or even resistance from residents and 2) uncertain or low profitability for property owners. Therefore, the first workshop (out of five upcoming events during 2016) focus on the solutions for these obstacles, with the ambition to formulate recommendations and advice for handling them. The results from the workshop series will be presented to politicians, ministries, municipalities, property owners and others.

Key expected outcomes: Get better understanding of the obstacles and solutions for energy efficient renovation, identify the stakeholders that should be involved in the renovation process, develop a formula for good communication with tenants, learn about creative ways to finance renovations and define which factors should be considered when calculating renovation profit.

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