Leaders’ Summit I – Madrid

20-21 September 2016

COAM, Madrid, Spain


In April, countries around the world signed the historic Paris Agreement reached at COP 21. Europe must now raise its ambition, and one of the greatest environmental and societal challenges we collectively face is the renovation of Europe’s buildings.

The Summit Partners have come together to host 175 renovation leaders from across Europe at a two day Leaders’ Summit in Madrid, Spain, on 20-21 September 2016, to take on this challenge. The Summit will focus on how we co-design and implement long-term national renovation strategies to improve the energy efficiency of our existing buildings.

Summit participants will:

+ Be part of a unique event, directly helping us shape a common vision for Europe’s existing buildings and a plan for coordinated action.

+ Network with experts from across Europe from government, cities, energy companies, financial institutions, building owners/occupiers, construction businesses, NGOs and more.

+ Enjoy inspiring speakers, but most of all have time to really engage with other leaders in an intense interactive format, share their work and learn from others.

Structured coordination across sectors and across countries is needed at a scale and speed we have not seen before. The buildings sector has an enormous role to play in delivering the Paris Agreement and our Energy Union, but a new approach to coordination is needed to overcome its complexity – and this approach needs everyone to move together.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit.

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Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, Calle de Hortaleza, 63, 28004 Madrid, Spain


SUMMIT DAY 1 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2016 (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, Calle de Hortaleza, 63)

  • 12:30 - 14:00 - Networking Lunch & Welcome

    Including welcome speech from:

    Bruno Sauer
    CEO, GBC España
  • 14:00 - 14:45 - Setting the Scene: National Renovation Strategies

    • Close Your Eyes: Putting the End-User Centre Stage – Ruth Mourik, Founder, DuneWorks
    • Healthy Buildings: Driving Renovation – Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen, Senior Policy Advisor, Velux
    • The Political Context: Why the Paris Agreement Changes Everything – Adrian Joyce, Director, Renovate Europe Campaign
    • Moving from “I” to “We” – Jim Ritchie-Dunham, President, Institute for Strategic Clarity
    Ruth Mourik
    Founder, DuneWorks
    Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen
    Senior Policy Advisor, Velux
    Adrian Joyce
    Director, Renovate Europe Campaign
    Jim Ritchie-Dunham
    President, Institute for Strategic Clarity
  • 14:45 - 18:00 - A Common Vision: 2050

    As Europe debates the future of its key buildings policies, what is the vision for our existing buildings, and what can we commonly commit ourselves to? This session on creating alignment between stakeholders will be facilitated by the Institute for Strategic Clarity, European Green Building Councils and European Climate Foundation network.

    • 14:45 – 16:00 : Roundtable discussions in groups, each containing a diversity of countries and representatives from across public, private and non-profit sectors.
    • 16:00 – 16:45 : Coffee and networking break. A chance to hear from other roundtables.
    • 16:45 – 18:00 : Roundtables continue and conclude. Facilitators gather conclusions for presentation on Day 2.
  • 18:00 - 18:15 - An Energy Efficiency Mortgage for Europe

    Establishing national renovation strategies is most importantly about mobilizing investment. Speakers will give an update on global and European energy efficiency finance, and launch the first phase of an ambitious project to define a European energy efficiency mortgage, to help incentivise renovation at the point of sale.

    Peter Sweatman
    CEO, Climate Strategy & Partners
    Luca Bertalot
    Secretary General, European Mortgage Federation
  • 20:00 - 22:30 (arrival at 19:45) - Dinner & Networking

    Including keynote speeches at 20:00 from:

    Lilyana Pavlova
    Bulgarian Minister of Regional Development and Public Works
    Maroš Šefčovič (Video Address)
    Vice-President of the European Commission

SUMMIT DAY 2 – 21 SEPTEMBER 2016 (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, Calle de Hortaleza, 63)

  • 08:30 - 09:00 - Arrival and Registration for Day 2

  • 09:00-09:15 - Our Common Vision: What We Heard

    Reflections on Day 1: Our common vision for Europe’s existing buildings, and next steps

    Erica Hope
    European Climate Foundation
    Emilio Miguel Mitre
    Director International Affairs, GBC España
  • 09:15 - 12:00 - Supporting the Vision: Coordinating Implementation

    This session will work on proposals for a structure that national renovation strategies can adopt, to help keep the large number of renovation market support initiatives coordinated, and create greater collective impact on the market.

    Each roundtable will give participants time to share their own initiatives and experience and work together on what common objectives and progress indicators could look like for initiatives in each area within the renovation strategies (awareness, skills, finance etc.).

    • 9:15 – 11:00 – Roundtables start
    • 11:00 – 11:45 – Coffee, Brunch and Networking Break

      Roundtable participants will be invited to network with participants from other Working Groups and explore how their Working Groups’ objectives and progress indicators are inter-dependent.

    • 11:45 – 12:00 – Roundtables Conclude

      Final draft recommendations will be put forward by each roundtable to inform the draft proposals for the renovation strategies.


    Working Group 1: Leadership Initiatives


    Commercial Renovation Programmes Roundtable: Led by the European Climate Foundation

    • Presentation: ‘Better Buildings Leadership Initiative’ – Patty Fong, European Climate Foundation
    • Presentation: ‘CARE:4® Programme – Hélène Lohr, Saint-Gobain’
    • Discussion


    Residential Renovation Programmes Roundtable

    • Presentation: ‘Sustainable Järva‘ – Lisa Enarsson, City of Stockholm
    • Presentation: ‘Czech Green Savings Programme for Residential Buildings’ – Petr Holub, Chance for Buildings
    • Discussion


    Working Group 2: Awareness Raising Initiatives


    Community Awareness Raising Roundtable: Led by Habitat for Humanity

    • Presentation: ‘Convincing Homeowners in Eastern Europe About Energy Efficiency Retrofitting’ – Gyorgy Sumeghy & Besim Nebiu, Habitat for Humanity EMEA
    • Presentation: ‘Challenges for Tenants in Western Europe in the Context of Building Renovations’ – Barbara Steenbergen, International Union of Tenants
    • Discussion


    Political Awareness Raising Roundtable: Led by the Renovate Europe Campaign

    • Presentation: ‘Communication Themes to Attract Broader Political Support: Consumers, Renewal, Jobs and Finance’ – Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe Campaign
    • Presentation: ‘The Energy Bill Revolution Campaign’ – Ed Matthews, E3G
    • Discussion


    Construction Sector Awareness Raising Roundtable  

    • Presentation: ‘Communication Themes to Attract Broader Political Support: Consumers, Renewal, Jobs and Finance’ – Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe Campaign
    • Presentation: ‘The Energy Bill Revolution Campaign’ – Ed Matthews, E3G
    • Discussion

    Working Group 3: Skills & Capacity Building Initiatives


    Professional Skills & Capacity Building Roundtable: Led by the Architects Council of Europe

    • Presentation: ‘PROF/TRAC: Open Training and Qualification Platform for nZEB Construction & Renovation’ – Cristina Jareño Escudero, Valencian Institute of Building
    • Presentation: ‘Ri.USO Project’ – Luciano Lazzari, Architects Council of Europe
    • Discussion


    Industry Skills & Capacity Building Roundtable: Led by Green Building Councils

    • Presentation: ‘QualiBuild Project’ – Pat Barry, Irish Green Building Council
    • Presentation: ‘BRICKS Project’ – Anna Moreno, ENEA
    • Discussion


    Public Sector Skills & Capacity Building Roundtable: Led by GIZ

    • Presentation: ‘Building Capacity in South-East European Public Authorities’ – Frank Mischler, GIZ
    • Presentation: ICLEI
    • Discussion


    Working Group 4: Finance & Economic Initiatives


    Public Sector Finance Roundtable: Led by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    • Presentation: Vlaho Kojakovic, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    • Presentation: ‘CITYnvest: Financing Models for Cities’ – Energinvest
    • Discussion


    Private Finance (Residential) Roundtable: Led by the European Mortgage Federation

    • Presentation: ‘A European Energy Efficient Mortgage Label’ – Luca Bertalot, European Morgage Federation
    • Presentation: ‘REVALUE Project: Recognizing Energy Efficiency in Valuations’ – Rolf Bastiaanssen, Bax & Willems Consulting Venturing


    Working Group 5: Policy & Regulatory Initiatives


    National Policy Roundtable: Led by UN Environment Programme – Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative

    • Presentation: ‘France’s National Renovation Strategy’ – Yves-Laurent Sapoval, French Ministry of Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs
    • Presentation: ‘Finland’s National Renovation Strategy’
    • Discussion


    Local Policy Roundtable: Led by Energy Cities 

    • Presentation: ‘Think Local First’ – Peter Schilken, Energy Cities
    • Presentation: ‘EmBuild Project: Building Local Renovation Roadmaps’ – Dragomir Tzanev, EnEffect Foundation
    • Discussion


    EU Policy Roundtable: Led by Construction Products Europe

    • Presentation: ‘Streamlining Policies’ – Yamina Saheb, OpenEXP
    • Presentation: Christoph Sykes, Construction Products Europe
    • Discussion


    Working Group 6: Administrative & Organisational Initiatives


    Cross-Sector Platforms Roundtable: Led by World Business Council for Sustainable Development

    • Presentation: ‘Creating Local Action Platforms for Energy Efficiency in Buildings’ – Roland Hunziker, WBCSD
    • Presentation: ‘Energy Efficiency in Buildings Platform Warsaw’ – Katarzyna Chwalbinska, Kusek, BuroHappold Engineering
    • Discussion


    Working Group 7: Innovation Initiatives


    Innovation Roundtable: Led by E.ON

    • Presentation: ‘Open Innovation’ Marco Marijewycz
    • Presentation: Climate-KIC (tbc)
    • Discussion
  • 12:00 - 12:45 - The Importance of ‘Network Health’ to Achieving Impact

    This final session will touch on why this Leaders’ network needs to engage with the question of how healthy their network is, at both national and European level, to ensure it helps us achieve our common vision. The session will be led by the Institute for Strategic Clarity.

  • 12:45 - Closing & Commitments

    This Summit will close with reflections on its main outcomes, next steps between September and February, and look towards the next Leaders’ Summit in February 2017 in Brussels.

    Patty Fong
    Programme Director, Energy Efficiency, European Climate Foundation
    James Drinkwater
    European Regional Director, WorldGBC
  • 13:00 - Closing

Meet the Summit Facilitators!

  • A team to help coordinate action

    A group of experts from some 20 countries will guide participants through the two days of the Summit, and most importantly, take on the job of integrating the work from the Summits into ongoing work at the local – national – European and global levels. They bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives together from the public, private and non-profit sector.

    The facilitators are preparing for the Summit on a special 3 day course led by the Institute for Strategic Clarity and hosted at Cambridge University, to help ensure the Summits’ success and the continuation of the work we begin together  in Madrid.

    Christoph Hinske (Germany)
    Institute for Strategic Clarity
    Ana Cláudia Gonçalves (Portugal)
    Institute for Strategic Clarity
    Quentin de Hults (Belgium)
    Vessela Valtcheva-McGee (Bulgaria)
    Bulgarian Green Building Council
    Ondrej Sramek (Czech Republic)
    Chance for Buildings / Czech Green Building Council
    Emilio Miguel Mitre (Spain)
    Green Building Council España
    Dolores Huerta Carrascosa (Spain)
    Green Building Council España
    Sami Lankiniemi (Finland)
    Green Building Council Finland
    Alan Perl (Croatia)
    Green Building Council Croatia
    Orsolya Fülöp (Hungary)
    Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute
    Marion Jammet (Ireland)
    Irish Green Building Council
    Sebastiano Cristoforetti (Italy)
    Green Building Council Italia
    Maija Krizmane (Latvia)
    Latvian Sustainable Building Council
    Ruth Mourik (Netherlands)
    Antoni BIelwicz (Poland)
    European Climate Foundation
    Szymon Firlag (Poland)
    Buildings Performance Institute Europe
    Andrzej Gula (Poland)
    Institute for Environmental Economics
    Marek Zaborowski (Poland)
    Institute for Environmental Economics
    Monica Ardeleanu (Romania)
    Romania Green Building Council
    Bengt Wånggren (Sweden)
    Sweden Green Building Council
    Marco Marijewycz (UK)
    Richard Twinn (UK)
    UK Green Building Council
    Edith Bayer (EU)
    Regulatory Assistance Project
    Renée Bruel (EU)
    European Climate Foundation
    Frances Bean (EU
    Coalition for Energy Savings
    Céline Carré (EU)
    Saint Gobain / Renovate Europe Campaign
    Erica Hope (EU)
    European Climate Foundation
    Patty Fong (EU)
    European Climate Foundation
    Adrian Joyce (EU)
    Renovate Europe Campaign
    Audrey Nugent (EU)
    World Green Building Council
    Peter Schilken (EU)
    Energy Cities
    James Drinkwater (EU)
    World Green Building Council