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Sweden will host a series of workshops and events in 2016-17 focused on the design and delivery of the national renovation strategy. These will be a mixture of national events (in the capital city), local events (in the major cities) and European events connecting national leaders with other European leaders working on their national renovation strategies.


Bengt Wånggren
Sweden GBC
Bengt is currently Chief Executive Officer and Founding Chairman of Sweden Green Building Council. Bengt has also worked with the Sweden Property Federation as Vice President of Business Development, and with Skanska Sweden AB as an Energy Performance Coordinator, an Environmental Manager, and a Project Manager....
Linnea Olsson
Sweden GBC
Linnea started as the project coordinator a year into the Build Upon project. She has a background in environmental science and project management....
Lotta Bångens
EnergiEffektiviseringsFöretagen (EEF)
Birgitta Govén
Per Forsling
Jennie Wiederholm
Ulrika Jardfelt
Stefan Lindsköld
Aktea Energy
Andres Muld
Chairman of the board at Susatinable Innovation AB and Nationellt Renoveringscentrum
Sofia Wellander
The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
Emma Thornberg
Swedish Energy Agency
Roland Jonsson
Gabriella Castregren
Per Andersson
Passive House Center of Sweden
Madeleine Nobs

Key Country Stats

Population (Millions)
Non-residential building stock (2008)
Multi-family residential building stock 2012: by ownership type
Residential building stock 2012: by building type

Energy Consumption in Buildings in Sweden (TWh/year) - Swedish Energy Agency

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