Latvia's National Renovation Strategy

Upcoming Events

EVENT V [Roadmap for Renovation]

25 November 2016

EVENT III [Latvian Renovation Strategy – v2]

30 September 2016
Riga, Latvia

EVENT II Energy day

22 August 2016
Liepaja, Latvia

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The Dialogue Journey

Latvia will host a series of workshops and events in 2016-17 focused on the design and delivery of the national renovation strategy. These will be a mixture of national events (in the capital city), local events (in the major cities) and European events connecting national leaders with other European leaders working on their national renovation strategies.

Stakeholders Dialogue

Renovation Day – Latvia

The first BUILD UPON workshop ‘Renovation Day’ was held in Latvia, Riga on 1 June 2016 in the fr... Read More

Energy day – Liepaja – Latvia

On 22 August 2016 the second BUILD UPON Workshop "Energy Day" was held in the biggest city of Wester... Read More

Experts Discuss potential updates for the v2 of the Latvian Renovation Strategy

On 30th of September the 3rd BUILD UPON project workshop was held to discuss recommendations for the... Read More

BUILD UPON 4th seminar during Riga Energy days

On 14th of October the fourth BUILD UPON project workshop took place in the margins of international... Read More

5th BUILD UPON workshop focuses on innovative financing and climate change

24th November 2016 the 5th BUIL UPON event – international conference “Renovation Roadmap” too... Read More


Zane Zeibote
Latvian Sustainable Building Council
Experienced Project Manager, Economic Policy Analyst and Expert in International Economic Relations with knowledge and skills acquired during her studies and work in universities and institutions in the North America and Europe. For almost 20 years she has been deeply involved in the processes of Latvia's economic integration into EU's...
Maija Krizmane
Latvian Sustainable Building Council
Ambassador for green building practices. Associated member of Latvian Sustainable Building council. M.Sc. Heat, gas and water technologies. International experience working with applications of sustainable solutions both in matters related to climate change mitigation and green and sustainable certification of buildings. First and only LEED Green Associate in Latvia so...
Peteris Drukis
State Construction Control Office
Director of newly funded State Construction Control Office. Supporter of sustainable living environment....
Janis Dripe
Ministry of Culture
Well known as the Minster of Culture of Latvia, the Ambassador of Latvia, the Chief Architect of Riga - just to mention some of his carrier's positions. With his knowledge, experience and creative personality which reflects passion for quality and harmony in his work and life Mr. Dripe is...
Juris Grinvalds
Sakret Ltd
Civil Engineer, Member of the board of Association of Building Materials producers, SIA SAKRET Sales director. 20 years’ experience in producing building materials and advising for ETICS (external thermal insulation component systems)....
Dzintars Jaunzems
RenEsco Ltd
Currently director at RenEsco Ltd. and docent (PhD in engineering sciences) at Riga Technical University. 10 years' experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including in-depth expertise of the full life-cycle of energy supply projects, starting from the deep retrofit of buildings as well as their...
Kristaps Zvaigznitis
Building and Energy Conservation Bureau
Co-director at Building and Energy Conservation Bureau. Master's degree in Environmental Science. In-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in building sector covering technical, financial, legal and social aspects as well as in-depth expertise of energy performance contracting. ...
Aldis Sirmacs
M.Sc.Eng. Chemistry Engineer in the plastics processing. More than 20 years of experience in REHAU. Aldis is working on technical solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy usage by providing technical support, training and knowledge transfer to adapt global systems to fit local construction sector needs. ...
Gints Mikelsons
Latvian Sustainable Building Council
Head of the board of LSBC. Member of Latvian Construction Council - consultative and coordinating institution of the Ministry of Economics. Extensive background in strategic business development and management - planning coordination and control....
Biruta Gine
Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center
Energy efficiency expert of the Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Center. More than 20 years of experience consulting households on safe and efficient use of electrical energy. ...
Martins Auders
Ministry of Economics
Acting director of Construction and Housing policy department, 10 years of policy making experience, author of various research papers and publications on housing policy making. Responsible for planning and coordinating the work of the department regarding policy making and strategy of the construction industry....
Anda Lagzdina
Ministry of Economics
Head of the EU funds implementation division of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Department. During her professional work at the Ministry of Economics the renovation of multi-apartment residential buildings in Latvia grew from 10 renovated buildings to more than 700. Hard working every day to ensure that this number...
Raimonds Kass
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Head of Climate Finance and Technology Division of the Climate Change Department. 14 years of policy making experience in the field of climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Responsible for planning and coordinating the work of the division regarding Climate Change Financial Instrument and EU Allowances Auctioning Instrument....
Inese Berzina
Ministry of Economics
The founder and manager of the campaign “Let`s live Warmer” that for already 6 years has been one of the main public campaigns in the field of energy efficiency in Latvia. Organizing and managing all EU funds communication campaigns in the three main priorities of the Ministry of Economic Affairs...
Juris Golunovs
Riga Energy Agency
Working on management and coordination of energy supply development, energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) in Riga municipality and raising awareness among local population. Long term experience in energy consulting for households, enterprises and municipalities as an entrepreneur. Author of more than fifty articles on EE & RES...

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